Why blu?

Blu in Italian is the color of the sky, of dreams and of ideas. Dreams and ideas are the basis of growth and progress. Our passion is to give shape and reality to companies’ dreams and ideas.

Our mission

Help companies recognize, develop and implement growth opportunities through effective business and marketing plans. Help identifying, creating and transferring value to customers in a profitable and sustainable way.

Making ideas happen

We like making things happen, bridging an uncomplicated strategic vision with its practical execution. For us, shaping ideas means to lead them from beginning to end, working inside and outside the organization with all the engaged partners. Our approach to work leverages four key actions:


The results we bring come from the shared thoughts and efforts of the team we form with our clients.


We help generate coherence in vision and action across all involved departments by creating common motivation and fostering teamwork.


We simplify the choice and management of the many external competences necessary for execution.


We bring years of hands-on marketing experience, we like to share it with our clients and to keep growing together.

What we do

To thrive in today’s markets characterized by moderate growth and intense competition, it is essential to both differentiate clearly and compellingly a company’s offer and to identify and pursue new business avenues.
A project with Marketing Blu is the most effective way to bring within the company years of experience in the design and execution of the marketing activities necessary for growth. These are the four areas of competence and service we offer, and why you might need them:

To bring coherence and differentiation in all aspects of a company’s interaction with customers, offline and online; to create a stronger and more direct relationship with them in B2C and B2B alike.

To ensure the most effective development of compelling products and services that create value for customers, are coherent with the brand and the company ambition, and are effectively executed and communicated.

To identify an existing or reachable competitive advantage and the plans needed to leverage it. Evaluate benefits and risks in internal growth opportunities and/or acquisitions.

To ensure more customer centricity throughout the organization. To have a Marketing that creates engagement, energy and focus, and brings a sense of challenge and accomplishment at work.

What can we do for you?

Whether you are wrestling with a specific branding, digital strategy or innovation challenge, or you simply want to know more about our work and what we could do together for your company, please write us an e-mail at team@marketingblu.it or fill in the form below. You could also contact any of us on LinkedIn or follow our company page.
Thank you!

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